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    Easily create and manage multi-chain crypto wallets using a single API
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What is our wallet Infrastructure

Bitpowr wallet infrastructure is simply a blockchain wallet management system that helps you create, manage and secure crypto-wallets.
It provides a simple UI to create and manage crypto assets easily. It provides a set of API and SDKs that helps to manage these assets programmatically. Provides secured infrastructure to power your crypto day to day operations.

Who can Use Bitpowr wallets?

Bitpwor wallet is open to all forms of businesses and organizations planning on carrying out crypto transactions

We make it easy for fintech companies who want to build exchanges on BitPowr
With our fully flexible API, Retail Platforms that want to incorporate crypto payment can utilize bitpowr
All Businesses
Avalable for businesses that want to accept crypto as payment and manage their holdings

The Issues we solve with our wallet API.

Build online service and mobile wallet applications with our seamless APIs.
User Friendly
Most wallets aren't user-friendly, Bitpowr has made navigating your wallet a breeze.
Hacking, system failure, intentional plotting, human errors, and other threats are cut off with our secure infrastructure
Penny Fees
Network fees are unnecessarily expensive, we provide it almost at no cost.
Convert to FIAT
Currency conversion rates can be high, You can receive payouts in local currency.
Node hosting and maintenance issues are lifted off your shoulders
Easy payouts
Easy Bank Settlement.

What Types of Digital Wallets do we offer?

We offer a range of wallet services to tailor for all users

Crypto Wallet

These are bare wallets that are not connected to the Bitpowr private ledger account for internal settlement. Bitpowr has limited control over these types of wallets and seems like non-custodial wallets.

The end-users (mostly developers), will figure out how to handle every operation by themselves using the API. Each transaction from the wallet will incur a blockchain transaction fee. Funds in crypto wallets are not managed by Bitpowr and can only be moved by the end-users (developer)

Exchange Wallet

These are wallets that are connected to Bitpowr private ledger account for instant internal settlements, connected to external fiat/crypto exchanges for fx. The developers have minimal control on moving funds from the addresses from these wallets as they are controlled by Bitpowr for easy fiat exchange and to save the tx fees. You can easily move funds between exchange wallets on Bitpowr network instantly with no tx fee.

Savings Wallet

These are types of wallets that are generated using the crypto wallet, connected to a private ledger account, and created as contract addresses on supported chains. All ETH, TRON, MATIC addresses are generated and deployed as a contract to each blockchain.

What can you do?

In three simple word, Create, manage and secure your crypto-wallets .
Seamlessly Manage Multi Assets Wallet From A Single Interface
Bitpowr Wallet allows you to easily manage multiple wallet and cryptocurrencies using a simple interface. You can easily create multi currency wallets that contains your popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum and Layer 2 such as Polygon, wallets for each of your users or customers, team or department in your organization
Account and Transaction Policies
Define specific transaction policies for your accounts and assets. You can different users to your account globally or each wallet and define their permissions. Assign transaction limits for each wallet and user operating it.
Chained Transaction Approval Process
You can achieve a chain of transaction approval process for each wallet or account. In a real corporate environment, multiple approvers do not share the same level of permission. With Bitpowr Wallet, you can combine multi-level approval chains adapting the approval process to the needs of a company.

We still offer more

We understand how the systems in running a successful enterprise works so we cater for the needs in your organization by providng the features stated below
Roles & Permissions
Assign roles to different users for each wallet, such as wallet operator, approver or auditor.
Transaction limits
Establish limits for each wallet and user, including max daily transfer amount and operations.
Schedule withdrawals
Schedule periodic withdrawals from a wallet for daily, weekly or monthly transfers.
Automatic payment
Configure automatic transfers on your wallet when a certain balance is reached.

Become one of the several businesses that rely on Bitpowr to build products.

We redefined the finance system, cutting through edges to build the most powerful yet simple blockchain payment processing with little to no cost. BitPowr's products power payments for online and in-person retailers, businesses, software platforms and marketplaces, and everything in between.

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