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    Easily generate multiple crypto wallets (custody, self-custody) and addresses across multiple blockchains to drive exchange volume
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    Build and integrate multi currency crypto wallet in days and manage your customers digital assets using our secured infrastructure
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    Accept & process fast crypto and stablecoin payments, process withdrawals and settle in local fiat currency
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    Hedge fund
    Use our secure custody infrastructure to secure, manage and trade digital assets across exchange networks
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Build blockchain powered solutions on Bitpowr

Whether you are building an exchange, a payment gateway, wallet, fintech or web3 applications, Bitpowr is the go to blockchain infrastructure that helps you go live in days with little cost.

Build with Bitpowr
to deepen the adoption of crypto

With Bitpowr blockchain infrastructure and cloud API, you can start building your awesome crypto project today with little setup. Whether it's crypto payment, mobile wallet, crypto exchanges, staking, or fintech, you can build it all on Bitpowr API.

Securely setup crypto wallets and move digital assets across multiple blockchains
Process on-chain on/offramp settlement and payment instantly
Kick start your web3 projects today using Bitpowr Cloud APIs

Build on Blockchain with ease

Enterprise businesses use bitpowr's wallet api to send, receive, manage and secure cryptocurrencies seamlessly with few api calls.
Our Solutions

A simple Infrastructure at the tip of your fingers!

Equipped with user-friendly interface and top notch features, we are here to help.

For Developers

developers are empowered to build, secure crypto wallet, accept payment, manage multiple crypto assets across multiple blockchain platforms and much more with ease. we are excited to see what you build!
Wallet APIs
Bitpowr SDKs
                    // API

                    const axios = require("axios")
                    const BASE_URL = "https://developers.bitpowr.com/api/v1"
                    const address = axios.post(`${BASE_URL}/addresses`, { 
                        label: "name", 
                        asset: "BTC", 
                        accountId: "walletId"
                    // SDK
                    const bitpowr = require("@bitpowr/sdk")
                    const {Currency} = bitpowr
                    const wallet = bitpowr.generateWallet(Currency.BTC, true)
                    const address = bitpowr.generateAddressFromXPub(Currency.BTC, true, wallet.xpub)

Supported Cryptocurrency

Why Bitpowr?

Bitpowr provides a modular ecosystem of web3 and blockchain infrastructure to help businesses build blockchain powered solutions. We are building modern critical infrastructure to help build the next financial services on the blockchain.


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