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We provide the building blocks for businesses and individuals globally to take advantage of blockchain to access the global digital economy

We build for all enterprises
to grow their businesses with our services

Bitpowr services are open to all forms of businesses and organizations planning on scalling their businesses using the blockchain network

We make it easy for fintech companies who want to build exchanges on BitPowr
With our fully flexible API, Retail Platforms that want to incorporate crypto payment can utilize bitpowr
All Business
Available for businesses that want to accept crypto as payment and manage their holdings
Our Offerings

Build on the Blockchain with ease

Bitpowr helps you create, manage and secure crypto-wallets.
It provides a simple UI to manage crypto wallets and assets, with API endpoints that helps to manage these crypto wallets and assets programmatically.

Our key solutions

We provide services tailored for your business / organization to help smoothen blockchain and digital assets integration

Wallet service

With bitpowr’s advance wallet feature you have access to:
  • Multiple Wallets
    Creating multiple wallets for various sectors of your organization, and each wallet can create its own unique assets.
  • Hold & Save
    Security powered with the best of blockchain technology, you can keep your assets safely and know your coins would always be waiting for you
  • Carry out transactions
    You can receive crypto value to any of the supported asset you create in your wallet and also send crypto from there to anyone in the world

Policy Personalization

We understand that all business functions a bit differently, so we have things tailored down for you
  • Approval Policy
    Get to set the members in your organization that must approve a transaction before wallet is charged
  • Collection Policy
    We enable you set the duration in which you want the current value of all your assets to be paid into any asset or fiat of your choice
  • Withdrawal Policy
    Set the maximum amount of time and amount you can get to withdraw from you account for a given period.

Transaction & wallet management system

Get the best solution to handle all crypto payments, transfers and liquidation to help you handle all your organizations transactions with our advanced wallet solution and flexible Policies.

For Developers

Our API services and SDKs are available and easy to use so your teams don’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating functionality.
Wallet APIs
Bitpowr SDKs
                    // API

                    const axios = require("axios")
                    const BASE_URL = "https://developers.bitpowr.com/api/v1"
                    const address = axios.post(`${BASE_URL}/addresses`, { 
                        label: "name", 
                        asset: "BTC", 
                        accountId: "walletId"
                    // SDK
                    const bitpowr = require("@bitpowr/sdk")
                    const {Currency} = bitpowr
                    const wallet = bitpowr.generateWallet(Currency.BTC, true)
                    const address = bitpowr.generateAddressFromXPub(Currency.BTC, true, wallet.xpub)

Accepted Blockchain

We have a list of of supported blockchain that will be available for you to carry out transactions with on bitpowr

Why go for Bitpowr?

Our API services are available and easy to use so your teams don’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating functionality.

Frequently asked questions


Bitpowr is a blockchain payment solution and wallet infrastructure that lets you accept and process Crypto-Payments, manage crypto wallets and build secured digital business. Payment Infrastructure and Wallet Management

BitPowr has built powerful tools that will help to power online payments for online business onwers, enterprises, developers, and individuals

The platform utilizes a wide range of cryptosystem layers of Multi-Party Computation, Threshold Cryptography, and Nacl Box Public Key Cryptography to deliver enterprise-grade keyless wallet vault enabling businesses to benefit from the high level of security, resilience and availability.

Wallet API

Payments API

Payouts API

Our Wallet API - Is a complete suite wallet management solution that lets you create and manage different types of wallet for different blockchain and different use cases. You can create three major types of wallet - crypto wallet (custodial,non-custodial), exchange wallet, and savings wallet

Payments API - our payments api is simply a solution that lets you accept crypto payments with little to no setup. You don't have to worry about implementing the wallet api and manage it. If you only want to accept crypto payments, then this is for you.

Payouts API - one of the problems when building on crypto is access to fiat, one of the things we have been able to solve is providing settlement service which by by lets you to convert your crypto to fiat. If you feel like you have any questions feel free to contact our team at any time!

We have created a thorough documentation which includes Guides, API documentations and more detailed technical information to help you get started. If you feel like you have any questions, feel free to contact our team at any time!

  • Bitpowr wallets is designed for any
  • Businesses that want to accept crypto as payment.
  • Businesses that want to manage their holdings.
  • FinTech Companies who want to build exchanges on top of BitPowr.
  • Retail Platforms that want to incorporate crypto payment.
  • Companies that want to build on blockchain.

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