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Wallet Infrastructure
Wallet Infrastructure
Wallet Infrastructure
Wallet Infrastructure
Wallet Infrastructure
Wallet Infrastructure
Wallet Infrastructure
Wallet Infrastructure
Wallet Infrastructure

Blockchain Infrastructure For Businesses

Access multiple secure blockchain protocols and next-level technology to build, run, and scale your digital assets operations effortlessly.


Customizable blockchain solutions for crypto, web3, finance, and digital asset businesses.

Leverage our extensive APIs and developer tools to deliver modern and compliant wallets, build DeFi applications, process payments, and manage treasury operations for your digital assets business.


Future Forward Businesses of all sizes trust Bitpowr’s suite of blockchain solutions to build next-level financial products.

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  • stellar
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  • celo
  • Bantu
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  • tradefada
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A better way to build on the blockchain.

Achieve operational efficiency at scale for your digital assets operations with Bitpowr’s faster transaction speeds, robust token integrations, easy-to-deploy APIs, lower fees, and more.

  • Extensive Blockchain Solutions

    Get all you need in one place. Take advantage of Bitpowr's robust blockchain infrastructure to launch blockchain-based products and services without worrying about huge development costs.

  • Flexible Blockchain Ecosystem

    Grow without limits. Bitpowr offers superior user experience matched with a highly flexible product ecosystem that accommodates your needs as they evolve.

  • Easy-to-use Wallet Infrastructure

    Say goodbye to crypto complexity. Bitpowr provides a simple yet highly secure and scalable MPC-based multi-currency wallet infrastructure for custodial and self-custodial wallets.

  • Enterprise-level Security

    Build without breaches. Bitpowr delivers maximum security, so you can scale while maintaining a confident investor and customer base.

  • Inclusive Pricing

    Launch and scale without breaking the bank. Bitpowr’s pricing model is designed to accommodate businesses of different sizes and varying needs.

  • Support you can trust.

    Find help when you need it. Our unified blockchain infrastructure is managed by always-on and highly skilled experts available to offer technical support as required.

Robust Blockchain Infrastructure, built for Businesses to take advantage of the future, today.

Take advantage of the best digital asset management infrastructure in the industry. Gain the competitive edge you need to transform your business, and unlock revenue growth opportunities.


For Developers

All you need to scale your digital assets business at your fingertips

We have made connecting businesses to the growing crypto ecosystem as seamless as possible with our intuitive API. With clear documentation that includes all the necessary instructions and integration procedures for various stacks and languages, your business can quickly begin to perform and facilitate profitable blockchain-based financial operations.

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Ready to get started?

Join Hundreds of ambitious businesses taking advantage of the blockchain’s potential to unlock new revenue opportunities with Bitpowr’s all-in-one blockchain infrastructure for digital asset custody and management.



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Wallet Infrastructure
Wallet Infrastructure