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    Hedge fund
    Use our secure cross-exchange trading environment infrastructure...
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    Receive crypto payments faster, process withdrawals, and manage your assets...
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    Easily generate multiple wallets (hot, cold, hd, multisig) and addresses for...
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    Develop your Multi Currency crypto wallets faster and easier...
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    Easily create and manage multi-chain crypto wallets using a single API
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    Process and accept crypto payment and process settlement in fiat
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    Start building crypto projects today using our blockchain cloud development API
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Infrastructure for sending
and receiving crypto

Develop your Multi Currency crypto wallets faster and easier. Get deposit addresses, blockchain data, exchange rates.

Problems with the current wallet structure

  • Many Blockchain protocols exist, each with its own node, implementation and documentation.
  • Library patches and upgrades are not always secure.
  • Harder adoption for non-Blockchain developers.

Solution we provide

  • 10+ Integrated Blockchain nodes (both test & main) and more are coming.
  • Create and manage wallets, balances, addresses and contracts.
  • We have synced everything that could be needed, starting from the genesis block, balances were calculated for UTXO based blockchains and internal transactions were executed one by one. All is done and ready for your needs

Features You Could Use

Deposit Addresses
Generate over 300,000 deposit addresses from any wallets using our API
Get Notifications
Secured using multiparty computation (MPC) and NACL Public Key
Create Transactions
Get webhook notification on transactions
Exchange Rates
We provide accurate market data, in order to obtain current blockchain exchange rates.