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    Hedge fund
    Use our secure cross-exchange trading environment infrastructure...
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    Receive crypto payments faster, process withdrawals, and manage your assets...
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    Easily generate multiple wallets (hot, cold, hd, multisig) and addresses for...
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    Develop your Multi Currency crypto wallets faster and easier...
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Hedge Funds

Use our secure cross-exchange trading environment infrastructure to trade capital across 30+ exchanges.

Solutions we provide

We identify the the problems with crypto transactions and asset management and we solved them.
Directly connect to exchanges
We give access to connect directly to exchanges using our APIs
Fund your external exchanges
Add funds to any of the exchanges directly from your bitpowr account.
Secured approval policies
External withdrawals require multi-sig authorisation or approval policies
Authorizations for user types
We provide a read-only access for Fund Administrators
Report and data tracking
You get access to a full exchange reporting through Bitpowr
Cold Wallets
Initiate, sign, and verify transactions offline.

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