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    Easily generate multiple crypto wallets (custody, self-custody) and addresses across multiple blockchains to drive exchange volume
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    Build and integrate multi currency crypto wallet in days and manage your customers digital assets using our secured infrastructure
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    Accept & process fast crypto and stablecoin payments, process withdrawals and settle in local fiat currency
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    Hedge fund
    Use our secure custody infrastructure to secure, manage and trade digital assets across exchange networks
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Bitpowr for

Run your exchange on our flexible and secure wallet and digital assets infrastructure.

Solutions we provide

Scalable infrastructure for digital assets management, address generation, fast withdrawals and cheap blockchain fees
Multiple deposits addresses
Generate unlimited deposit addresses across multiple blockchains
Secured MPC Based Vault
Secure your digital assets using our MPC based vault built on MPC technologies and multi layer of cryptosystems security
Transaction Notifications
Get instant webhook notifications on incoming and outgoing transactions
Manage Account Policies
Control your wallet operations by setting a Withdrawal, Collection and Approval policy that works for your business operations
Fight and react to fraudulent transactions fast using our AML Policy and KYT API.
Exchange Rates
We provide current market and price data, to help determine exchange rates.


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